I provide consulting services and project management support for public and private organizations, SMEs and start-ups. My approach is human-centered, emphasizing an understanding of how individuals interact with each other and their environment, and how this impacts a project. While I often work with architects and urbanism offices, the method is applicable to other disciplines as well. 

Martina Schwab Applied Anthropology


Anthropology aims to better understand human interaction and behaviour. Anthropological methods such as participant observation, interviews, workshops, surveys, archival or media research have one thing in common - they all result in a thorough understanding of the existing context. Developing solutions from there, ensures that a project is more connected with its future users.

Martina Schwab Applied Anthropology


I propose a human-centered approach to all projects. Starting your project with a structured needs analysis results in designs, deeply connected with their users. Projects centered solely on financial profit or legal and technical parameters pose a risk of obsolescence from the outset, lacking usability and desirability. Therefore, acknowledging the human factor is a necessity. And it is also much more fun!

Martina Schwab Human-Centered Design and Change Management


Change is inevitable, and at the heart of progress and innovation. Meeting change with a structured yet adaptable workflow framework enables your team to creatively navigate unforeseen events. We start with a thorough analysis of your existing processes and software. From there, we develop tailored solutions across various domains: agile project management and planning, data management, financial oversight, IT infrastructure, knowledge transfer among team members, custom Excel solutions for architects, and refining prospection- and tender procedures.

Martina Schwab Worklfow and Process Management


With an interdisciplinary background in political science and urban anthropology, I have ten years professional experience in the private and the non-profit sector. I work with i.a. Osmos (process design, UX, user analysis & participation), ncbham (interior architecture), Miss Miyagi and Stadsmakersfonds (sustainable real estate), &bogdan architects, noAarchitecten, Sill & Sound Architects, Jo Matba (DJ and producer) , Psycol (psychologist collective), Fairphone (sustainable smartphones). Please download my CV for more detailed information on my skills and experience.

Martina Schwab Brussels, Belgium, Germany


Martina Schwab - Applied Anthropology, based in Brussels, Belgium

+32 4 883 663 41

My interventions typically span 3-6 months. For a lasting impact, I also offer opportunities for long-term collaborations and personalized coaching for creative professionals. Thank you for your interest. Don't hesitate to reach out with your questions or projects.

Martina Schwab Applied Anthropology