I practice applied anthropology for architects and designers, which means that I use the method and theory of anthropology for various tasks arising within a creative environment. While I often work with architects, the method is applicable to other disciplines and individual entrepreneurs as well. Be it change management or human-centered design, there is one guiding principle: »Work with what is available to you today.« 


The goal of each anthropological endeavour is to better understand human interaction and behaviour, not only with each other but also with their environment. The various methods such as participant observation, interviews, workshops, textual analysis, surveying, archival or media research have one thing in common - they all result in a thorough understanding of the existing context. Putting existing realities center stage and developing solutions from there, ensures that a (design-) project is more connected with its future users. 


We start with an analysis of your existing workflows which is then followed by the implementation of practical tools and methods. Following this approach, your management can improve in various areas: project management and planning, data management, financial management, prospection- and tender procedures, IT structure (in partnership with IT expert Bilal Kassem), knowledge transfer among team members. Most interventions are carried out over 2-4 months. Individual coaching sessions or long-term collaborations are possible as well. 


As an urban anthropologist, my perspective on research and design projects is always tuned in on humans. I'm especially interested in collaborating with urbanists, architects, designers and other disciplines with a clear impact on human interaction and behaviour. With thorough needs analysis, participatory workshops, interviews and in depth design research, I ensure that the vision of your client and your designers results in projects deeply connected with their users. 


With an interdisciplinary background in political science and urban anthropology, I have ten years professional experience in both the private as well as the non-profit sector. I work with i.a. ncbhamMiss Miyagi , Bogdan & Van Broeck Architects , noAarchitecten , Sill & Sound Architects, KA PAI , Fairphone, Vetocambre  and Centre PsyCol. Please download my CV for more detailed information on my skills and experience.


Martina Schwab - Applied Anthropology, based in Brussels, Belgium

+32 4 883 663 41

Contact me in English, German, Dutch or French to book a first meeting free of charge where we can discuss your specific needs.


» Work With What Is Available To You Today «